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    The new PS4 has launch dates verified in a few regions of the world: November 15th in the United States and Canada, and Nov, 29 in Europe and Latin America. Sony stated this in the press conference in Gamescom 2018. In order to get Playstation Plus for free forever instead of just getting a trial, you'll need to download a PSN code generator.


    Furthermore they proclaimed that by the end of the year they will have 33 titles out for the PS4. Including the much anticipated games such as COD: Ghosts, Watch Dogs, and Battlefield 4.


    Launch dates for the unit will be different across each country, some countries will receive the PS4 within their country closer to the end of the season some will receive it around or on the expected release dates. A large amount of new game titles are in development for the PS4 way before its release date. This gives the new console a lead plus a wide range of video games available to it when it's launched. Since June 2018, the volume of developers together increased from 500 to almost 620.


    Twitch is a gaming website that streams online players from around the world, Sony promises to integrate this service with their PS4. Since its start in the year 2011, Twitch TV picked up tremendous acceptance across the world as a platform for live streaming of videos centered on video games, accumulating more than 38 million visitors every month.

    Pressing the “SHARE” button on the Dualshock4 controller will immediately begin streaming your video game over TwitchTV. You do not pay anything to stream your games, it is going to be available for totally free for all PS4 customers.


    Existing generation PSN titles is not going to port over to the Playstation 4. This is because of the PS3 and PS4’s architectures, they are completely different, because of this porting the video games over would be extremely tough. For those that have made significant purchases on the PSN, Sony is offering PSN codes for free.

    Playstation 4 will be receiving a brand new 3D virtual reality display. This wonderful news will probably be released at the Tokyo Game Show 2018, a gaming event that occurs in Tokyo.


    The controller that comes with the Playstation 4 is a completely redesigned controller compared to the older generation. If you are already used to the PS3’s controller you won’t have a problem with the new controller, it feels almost the same and the button placement has not changed.

    A great feature is the voice instructions it will accept. The PlayStation Camera includes mics that will understand voice commands from the user and perform certain actions that require it. Together with the new vocal commands as well as facial recognition capabilities by the camera, a whole new experience will arise! The feature is comparable to the Kinect, for the Xbox One.


    The Playstation 4 has been totally re-designed with a brand new smooth and bold design, which will match your entire entertainment system. It’s a lot more defined versus the Playstation 3. When you initially look at it you may not see how large it is till you see it in person, it is fairly large but over time the Playstation 4 may come out with a thinner edition. The cpu is an AMD x86 with 8 cores, a graphics chip incorporated with the central processing unit, 8GB GDDR5 ram unified (against 512 Megabytes of the PS3), an embedded 500GB hard disk, Blu-ray reader and more.


    Important information about the PS4:

    • The Playstation 4 will not be compatible with Playstation 3 video games or anything earlier, outdated games will have to run through Playstation’s cloud.
    • PS4’s new game controller has a clickable touchpad, lightbar, and share button. Playstation Move is now ported over to the light bar in the Dualshock.
    • To be able to see you, the PS4’s eyes has two 1280x800 cameras, each having a sight of 85 degrees, as well as a set of mics for voice commands.
    • Your iPad, Android OS tablet, and Playstation Vita provides you with the option of having a “second screen” which will allow you to get more out of the video game through rapidly looking at stats, tasks, and so forth.
    • An exclusive bonus offer will be provided to those who pre-order the PS4, to have folks started on using the PSN they're going to be provided a decent amount of free PSN network codes.